Spine Pain Treatment in Crestview Hills, KY, and the Tri-State Area

Whether your back feels tight or you experience sharp pain along your spine, Interventional Pain Specialists has the experience and skill to treat your discomfort to give you back your life. Come to our pain clinic for spine pain management in Crestview Hills, KY. We are just 10 minutes from downtown Cincinnati. During the duration of the Coronavirus pandemic, we are offering telehealth and phone consultations.

What We Treat

Back and spine pain can develop over time or due to an injury. Some of the most common types of back pain are facet pain and sacroiliac joint problems. Facet joint pain affects the vertebrae and joints in your spine, while problems with the sacroiliac joints cause back, hip, buttock, thigh, and groin pain.

When you come to our clinic, we diagnose the cause of your pain to treat it directly. We have experience with all the common causes of spine pain:

  • Injury: If you strain the muscles or discs surrounding your spine, you may experience discomfort. These strains could come from overuse of your back, especially if your spine is weak due to lack of exercise. An injury could also occur from a vertebrae fracture.
  • Poor posture: Posture is something that a lot of people struggle with. Our spine is designed to support our body upright. So if you slouch often, you unevenly distribute your weight on your spine, which leads to spinal problems.
  • Arthritis: Arthritis causes pain all over the body, which means your spine could experience the effects. This arthritis causes cartilage to break down, leaving the vertebrae in direct contact. This causes grinding, aches, and generalized pain.

Our first step is to determine the cause of your spine pain to make sure you receive the right treatment solution. We have years of experience, and our doctors have been rated as some of the top doctors for pain management. Whatever the cause of your spine pain, we can diagnose and treat it.

Who We Are

We offer a non-surgical approach to pain management, which means you can feel confident in your treatment options. You’ll experience pain relief without the invasiveness of surgery.

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